Prove fasttrack

The fasttrack is designed for those who have used the self-assessment questionnaire and have established that they are in good place to skip the foundation material. Do you feel confident you can secure the appropriate budget and the support of senior colleagues, and are therefore ready to move the project forward?

The outcome of the Prove stage is a credible business plan that demonstrates measureable value to the business. This fasttrack covers the elements that should be included. The selected articles have links within them to key templates and tools, which you will need to build your case. Use the quick link in the footer to return to this page.


  1. An introduction to the potential scope of the project
  2. Map your objectives to the business strategies
  3. Define the scope and ambition using the four stages of transformation for
    1. An employee network
    2. A customer community
    3. A professional member community


  1. Survey your audience for current perceptions and appetite for change
  2. Devise your planning framework based on your audience’s motivations
  3. Map the value to the business and establish the basis for ROI
  4. Identify the content types that will attract and stimulate your audience
  5. Create the user stories that align with your audience’s needs and the business’s benefits
  6. Establish the appropriate governance and demonstrate key issues have been considered


  1. Define the platform selection criteria
  2. Phase the launch


  1. Write the business case