Plan fasttrack

The fasttrack is designed for those who have used the self-assessment questionnaire and have established that they are in good place to skip the foundation material. Do you feel confident you have the appropriate budget and the support of senior colleagues, and are therefore ready to launch your platform?

The outcome of the Plan stage is a viable launch plan that will ensure widespread adoption of the platform. This fasttrack covers the elements that should be included. The selected articles have links within them to key templates and tools, which you will need to build your plan. Use the quick link in the footer to return to this page.


  1. Manage expectations and deal with company politics and culture
  2. Plan adoption with middle management
  3. Recognise your audience’s motivations and needs


  1. Design the platform
  2. Plan the content
  3. Devise the appropriate guidelines
  4. Ensure the appropriate governance is in place
  5. Agree the group-creation process
  6. Cover off risk management
  7. Devise the social policy and conditions of use
  8. Identify and work with the steering group
  9. Identify and work with the task force


  1. Review the checklist of activities
  2. Identify and train your champions
  3. Work with beacon groups
  4. Prepare to market your platform


  1. Finalise the launch plan